Meet the new Helmet Brake Light

by Keep Britain Biking

Introducing the brand new ‘Brake Free’ helmet….

The California-based, aptly named BrakeFree Technologies, is currently crowdfunding for investors for the brand new piece of technology which aims to help keep motorcyclists visible.

The ‘Brake Free’ is a wireless LED that mounts on the back of any helmet and uses sensors to detect every ┬átime you slow down as a result of engine braking, down shifting, emergency braking or regular braking.

There’s no fuss with wires or installing any software on your bike or smartphone.

With motorcycle tails lights normally falling out of drivers view, BrakeFree Technologies believe this will help reduce a number of accidents.

You can find out more about BrakeFree Technologies here.

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  • ForestRunner

    Not for me, I’m no belisha beacon! Is it 1st April? Would be a laughing stock.

  • Pam Varnsverry

    An interesting idea, however I can see a number of issues. There are so many lights around at night on the streets, including ones that flash, that we become almost immune to them. At one point he speaks to triangles, which act as warning, yet have gone for a rectangle ish shape. It looks cumbersome.

  • TimOwers

    In theory I think this is a great idea, but the physical design leaves a lot to be desired. At the moment it looks more like something you’d stick on your existing helmet, not a purpose desgined integrated system.