Jack Daniels Limited Edition Indian sells out in 10 minutes

by Keep Britain Biking

Jack Daniels and Indian have teamed up again this year on the design of the rare Chieftain model, which sold out in just 10 minutes.

Last year Indian collaborated with the whiskey distillery to create the limited edition Springfield model, with 150 machines being sold within 8 hours.

This year the pre-order deposits for the new Chieftain were taken at 12pm last week, and all 100 units sold by 12.10pm with a hefty £33,799 price tag.

Steve Menneto, President of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries said: “This overwhelming level of demand is an incredible testament to the power of these two iconic American brands.

“Without a doubt, this brand collaboration and motorcycle are tapping directly into a deep sense of patriotism and American pride. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.”

The UK are set to only receive one of this limited edition machine, just like the rest of the Europe.

Would this be one of your dream motorcycles?

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  • TimOwers

    That is one fugly bike. £33k? What a joke.