Government plans big changes for CBT and motorcycle licenses

by Keep Britain Biking

2017 could see big changes for learner riders who want to get their CBT.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) launched a consultation, at the end of 2016, looking at improving motorcycle training.

The main part of the proposal looks at Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), focusing on areas such as:

  • Revoking CBT certificates from riders who get 6 penalty points – this will stop the riding with L plates after getting points for offences including dangerous riding
  • Looking at whether riders will need to pass a theory test before taking a CBT course
  • Restricting riders who opt to take their CBT on an automatic motorcycle to only riding automatics
  • A new course syllabus focusing on aims of CBT and the importance of equipment, on-site training, motorcycling theory and on-road practical training.

Other proposals included advanced training courses for riders to upgrade their licence, meaning there will no extra testing.

Training schools and instructors will also be a focus of the DVSA looking at ways to;

  • Improve the way that instructors qualify to provide motorcycle training
  • Increase the range of checks that DVSA carries out on a motorcycle training school
  • Introduce a system for motorcycle training schools to be given recognition for consistently high standards.

DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn said: “DVSA’s first priority is helping everyone stay safe on Great Britain’s roads. Our roads are among the safest in the world, but we’re determined to do more to improve safety for all road users, including newly-qualified motorcyclists.

“We want to modernise motorcycle training so that novice riders gain the skills and experience they need to help them and everyone else to stay safe on our roads.”

Karen Cole, Director of Safety and Training for the Motorcycle Industry Association said: “We’re delighted to see DVSA has launched this consultation.

“We believe that the introduction of a new training course is positive and will encourage more riders to use the progressive licence route. We’re also supportive of the proposal to update the qualification arrangements for motorcycle instructors as these will help the training industry.”

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  • Kayleigh

    i dont understand why they are making this harder than it needs to be…

    Theory test before CBT should be compulsory,
    a licence for 125 riders rather than cbt every couple years.
    riders under 25 licence restricted HP for 2 years and then able to expand if wishes

    easier but i suppose government wouldn’t make enough money out the bike riders 20 different licences!!!

    car drivers should do more awareness for bikes and a little common knowledge that filtering is legal.

    • Graham Ede

      think they are looking at changing the system due to all the idiots that have passed there CBT and ride round in just a t shirt jeans and trainers thinking they are untouchable . And yes Car drivers do need to be told about bikes filtering is legal