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  • michael david smith posted an update:   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    good morning to all hope everyone had a great christmas and santa brought you what you wanted. got the bike put away for the winter now its sat in the garage on paddock stands all clean and ready for me to strip the brakes for a good clean and take the fairings of to clean behind those. having new tyres fitted also at some point. remember if you are taking your bike of road for the winter to take precautions so it stays in top condition for when you get it out in the new year. make sure the tank is full of fuel so the tank does’t go rusty and if your bike is fitted with carbs either drain them or turn your fuel tap off and run the engine till the bike stops. stick your bike on paddock stands so the bike not sat on its wheels in one position all the time if you have a trickle charger stick your battery on that. strip and clean your brakes all the road crud won’t be good for those brake callipers and all those little parts that make your brakes work smoothly.adjust and clean your chain there’s plenty of cleaning fluids out there to keep your chain clean and well serviced. last off all have a good new year and i shall see you next year. happy biking.

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      michael david smith · 2 years, 7 months ago

      i have done before but with the amount of crap in the roads nd the bad weather we have had over the last few months i’not botherd with taking her out. the urge to get out on the bike is massive but ive seen what all that crud on the roads can do to alloy parts.