The Filling Station Café, Keswick – A Bikers Dream

by rfw333
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Stood in the Liverpool Passport Office  at 9.45am on Wednesday morning I had a decision to make.

Do I hang about Liverpool for the next 4 hours whilst they process the children’s passports?

Or, do I take a ride up to Keswick and check out the Filling Station Café?

Having read on Twitter that The Filling Station Café was the venue for the upcoming Bike Safe Awareness launch that very morning it took me all of 2 seconds to decide!

Look out Keswick here we come!


Trying to pump in the post code that Kieron  had Tweeted me on Monday, my Garmin 660 was having none of it, so I chose the nearest postcode I could find in the list.

112 miles from Liverpool Passport Office to the Café. Just shy of 2 hours due to the route cutting up past Bootle. Then across the M58 to the M6, hang a left North. Off at junction 40 along the A66 first left at the roundabout towards Keswick town centre and there it is. Doddle.

Trouble was, it was 4 degrees C and snowing in Liverpool. Still that’s about the only time it’s preferable to be on a big black bike!

By the time I reached the M58 it was down to 2 degrees C. not that it bothered me in anyway. Anything above -2 degrees C. is good with me, due to the fact that my visor ices up at anything below -2!

Strange thing was the further North I got the warmer it became. By the time I levelled with Lancaster it was a sweltering 6 degrees C. I even had to turn down my Gerbings Heated Jacket and heated grips. I know, I can here you all saying, sat nav, heated this , heated that – Listen, I have one simple motto “Any fool can rough it!”

Well by the time I reached the Kendal turn off the sun had really burst through and it was 8 degrees C. Pulling off the M6 at junction 40 heading towards the North Lakes on the A66 I was sweating. Luckily the Filling Station Café is only 23 miles and 20 minutes from the Junction 40 of the M6.

Pulling up outside, Kieron came straight over and introduced himself. There were already 6 bikes there plus Kieron’s Triumph Combination looking resplendent in the sun. The snow topped mountains really set the scene.

In front of the café are  a number of parking spaces and a few tables with benches. Inside there’s a real retro feel to the whole place with oodles of Motorbike Memorabilia all around. The four tables each have seating either side with lots of space around the service counter. I just fell in love with the place instantly.

The TV crew where doing their thing outside but I was far to content sat drinking a massive mug of wonderful coffee which was only bettered by the arrival of one of the best Full English Breakfasts I’ve ever been served. So much so that when Kieron asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed by the crew I could not tear myself away.

The interview appeared on ITV last night and my only claim to fame was I was the prat that walked behind the interviewee whilst he was sat at the bench outside! Ben was ecstatic at seeing his Dad on TV no matter how fleeting a glimpse it was. OH! & Mr T can be seen in the background of one of the shots.

Motorcycling safety campaign launched in Cumbria

So with full stomach and empty bladder (cracking disabled access toilet by the way) I said my farewells’ and headed back the way I came into the snow flake festooned city of Liverpool.

Passports in hand I arriving home at 4.00pm having ridden 328 miles.

I can honestly say Kieron, you and your team have something very special there & I look forward to visiting you all again soon!

If you in find yourself in the Lake District this year on your bike, do yourself a massive favour. Hunt out the Filling Station Café, Crosthwaite Road, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5PR Telephone 0127687 72103 or Tweet @FSCKeswick

Till the next time Happy Riding Everyone.



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  • steadyaway

    Couldn’t agree more with the comments. We’ve been a few times when having ride outs with the Boundary 500 and the staff couldn’t be more accommodating. They’ve even opened up early for us! Excellent location and well worth a visit.