Rideout over the North Yorkshire Moors!

by hornetgal

The weather was brilliant sunshine for May! So me, my sister and hubby set off for a day on the moors, we didn’t go on our usual route, instead we opted for a ride through some of the tiny villages that lead up to the moors. We went through Egton over the small stone bridge and found some fantastic bends and hills leading us to our destination.

We went on a few gritty roads, but nothing the bikes couldn’t handle, a female pheasant flew right in front of my sister! But luckily we weren’t going fast and she managed to avoid it! There are some beautiful views as you wind your way up to the top of the vast moors. We decided we would stop to admire the views once we reached the top. And as we noticed a layby we pulled in for a quick photo opportunity and to stretch our legs. There were lots of birds hidden in the heather and every now and again we spotted Red Kites circling overhead, and the odd sheep rambling over the heather. The views make it a must ride to destination for any biker!!

We then headed over the Moors to Whitby, there are some amazing steep hills which are fab on a bike :) we got to Whitby and as it was sunny it was very busy getting to the Whistle stop cafe a very busy biker meeting place. There were lots of bikes – and lots of tea and cake to be had! We managed to get parked up and went for a wander to the seafront!

We headed to a cafe that overlooks the beach and had what everyone has to have when you visit Whitby……, Fish and Chips! And they were delicious, I’ve always wondered why they taste better at the seaside?  We were being watched by the ever hungry seagulls, and one took up residence on a post just opposite us, hoping he could get a few chips or even better a piece of fish! ???? We spent most of the day wandering around the town, but before too long it was time to head home. We decided we would head home the usual route straight over the Moors and head past Fylingdales up to the Hole of Horcum which again is a magnificent view from the car park directly opposite. All in all it had been a fantastic rideout and we can’t wait for this rain to stop and get there again! I’ve included a couple of pics of the day!

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  • hornetgal

    Next year should be even better!! Hoping to get a new bike in September, but until then lots of ride outs planned starting in the spring!! Happy New Year 2017 all!!