Parking your bike sending you barmy? Tell us about it!

by Keep Britain Biking

Motorcycle parking continues to be a topic that can make a few bikers a little touchy. Where once parking just your two wheels meant a much simpler process; you can fit in smaller space, elude those frustrated fools in four wheels, and do it all for free.

But oh, how times change. As it has become more difficult to park just about anywhere legally, KBB has put together a few guidelines to make sure your bike is parked up safely (and within the law).

Whilst you will know the best spots in your everyday haunts, when visiting new towns or cities make sure you check out any signage nearby and keep an eye out for meters and those dreaded ticket machines requiring payment of your hard-earned pennies.

Any spots where groups of bikes pop up are often a good sign, just watch out for any resident’s permits!

It is best not to throw caution to the wind when it comes to strategic ways to dodge the parking fine – covering registration plates and tax discs has cropped up on our radar a few times, sounds too good to be true and we have to say, we’d rather not risk the fine.

It is also often the case that parking on a pavement or footpath will result in a ticket, unless specific exemplification applies to that area – again signage will make this clear.

Rules appear to vary from city to city, even with individual London boroughs depending upon the attitudes of local councils. Often when a bike is parked reasonably, i.e. it is not blocking footpaths or traffic and in a right-angled position with the rear wheel closest to the curb, a parking attendant will leave you alone if you haven’t purchased a ticket.

But it is the growth in popularity of biking and the number of motorcycles on the road (never mind throwing in the 2012 Olympics in London) that seems to have kicked off a crack down on paying for your spot.

We want to know, has your local council changed its attitude towards motorcycles and the price to park?

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