Motorcycling in Children’s Literature and Film

by Keep Britain Biking

Children’s literature and films show off some great motorcycle action

Children have a fascination with motorcycles; after all, what’s not to like? They’re exciting machines, capturing the spirit of free-wheeling adventure and unchecked possibility that children adore.

This spirit of adventure is also what makes biking such a great topic for children’s entertainment. Few things enliven a book, film or cartoon series more than a fast-paced motorcycle chase or a thrilling off-road ride.

We’ve taken a look at a range of children’s books and films that feature biking as a prominent part of the action. If you’ve not picked them up yet why not see what your kids make of them – it’s never too early to get them into biking!

  • Now we’re sure that even if you’ve not read the Harry Potter books, you’ve caught at least one of the films. If so then you’ll remember the moment when Hagrid swoops down on a magical motorcycle to spirit Harry away to Diagon Alley and freedom from his insufferable Uncle and Aunt: fantastic fun!
  • Wes Anderson might have made his name creating quirky indie-flicks, but his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox proves he’s no slouch when it comes to kid’s films. Comical, fun and featuring a fox-sized motorcycle and sidecar combo to die for, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy this as much as your children will.
  • From stop-motion foxes to claymation icons Wallace and Gromit. A Close Shave, their third outing, sees the pair set up a mobile, motorcycling window-cleaning service. Featuring a psychotic mechanised canine, a very cute sheep, some very cool inventions and a stunningly put together motorcycle chase this is a real classic.
  • Alan Garner is one of Britain’s best loved children’s authors. His eerie stories document a world in which the supernatural regularly impinges upon our day to day lives. The Owl Service concerns an ancient Welsh legend which takes over the lives of a group of adolescents – an important part of the story features a ghostly motorcycle.
  • Finally, a good choice for young children is Beverly Clearly’s  The Mouse and the Motorcycle. This novel tells the story of a brave little mouse who finds a toy motorcycle. With beautiful illustrations and a heart-warming ending your kids will love it.

Do you have any childhood favourites that feature motorcycles? Maybe they’re the thing that first gave you the biking bug, we’d love to hear from you.




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