Life Insurance increased just for being a biker!

by Bikerchiq
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As my bike and car and house insurance are all due in April I have spent most of the day comparing meerkats and all the rest of it.

While I was at it I decided to review my life insurance as I have had this for 12 years and apparently it has come down in price. First step to call my current insurer to see what my current cover includes. To my total HORROR I found I do not have life insurance, only critical illness cover! FOR TWELVE YEARS I have been happily going about my business under the impression I had life cover. Indeed Critical Illness cover is very handy if you get struck down with a critical illness but not if you get struck down by a bus!

So then I started to flap, I delayed going to town on the bike today just in case. So I rang various companies and have answered a million questions from how often I cut my toenails to how many drinks I have in how long (3 beers an hour). OK so I jest on that bit. However the last quote I had, after I had been through 30 mins of questions the chap said ‘right – here is the last question … I have to ask these – bear with me… and have you ridden or been on a motorcycle in the past six months?’. I guess he didn’t expect me to say yes. The chap was a biker himself. He agreed it was, in his opinion, quite a ridiculous thing to ask. Anyway, as my answer was ‘yes’ it increased the premium by 50%.

50%! This is not about bike racing – just everyday commuting – Hector probably couldn’t go over 75mph off a cliff with a tail wind – and that is just the way I like it. I mean – I am hardly a boy racer am I?

I finally managed to get cover from somewhere else at what I consider to be a reasonable cost per month. So at least I can sleep at night now – and go back out on the bike tomorrow.

Any comments on that from anyone – upping the premium by 50% just because I have ridden a motorcycle. It makes me CROSS!

BQ x

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