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by Keep Britain Biking

Have you checked us out on Twitter yet?

Here at Keep Britain Biking we’re always curious about exactly what makes our members tick – what got them into biking, what their first bike was and what their great biking ambitions are.

That’s why we love Twitter, it gives us an easy way to reach out to our members, ask questions and generally have a good chat about the thing we care most about – biking!

If you’re not following us already (and if you’re a member of Twitter you really have no excuse!) you can track us down at

We’re really friendly, so why not pop over and say hello? We’d love to hear what you think of the site.

We recently asked our followers exactly what go them into biking in the first place, here’s a taste of some of their responses – do any of these ring true for you? If they don’t why not get involved and add your own voice to the debate?


• “Mates got me into it now I’m the only biker in the group – go figure! (@LeedsBikerSi)

• “In the blood… I used to get taken to junior school on one :D” (@DCarrie_14)

• “I’m a third generation biker so definitely in the genes :)” (@WrightMalcolm)

• “Seeing a 1999 speed triple in a bike mag, seems so long ago now and still not bought one” (@retryrider)

• “Totally in my blood, was brought up on them, but my life was lived back 2 front, had kids early, got licence late” (@PrincessMyia9)

• “Twas in my blood to be a biker sooner or later… Family on both sides always had them :-)” (@yamaha_biker)


They’re a good bunch, so if you’re interested in checking us out on Twitter, why not pay them a visit as well? They’ve always got something interesting to say!







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