Is it possible to only own a bike and not a car?

by Bikerchiq
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Ever since I could afford one I have always had a car as well as a bike. However just recently I sold my Suzuki Vitara as it was too big. I also need to economise due to my impending redundancy I have been left with only the bike. This has been interesting. I had forgotten what fun it is (not) to have to ride in the rain (rather than chosing to ride in the rain). I got wet on the way in to work last week in this typical British summer we are having – ahem. I had to sit in a freezing cold office all day. The office air-con has broken again – either full on or full off. As soon as you get used to one extreme they change it so you either suffer with heat exhaustion or freeze to death. So this particular day it was full on and due to the weather i arrived somewhat damp. I had to sit there all day with damp bits in all the wrong places. Yes of course I am aware there are waterproofs available but the journey is a short one and it wasn’t raining when I left the house.

Having just a bike is also advantageous in that not ONE of my friends have EVER expressed an interest in going on the back of the bike. Perhaps this in itself is a good thing – I will never be asked to give anyone a lift.

I have a box on the back which is big enough to put a full face lid in when I go shopping and then replace the lid with the shopping when I come home. It also stops me going overboard as us girls are not unknown for on the shopping front. If I can’t fit it in the bike box then I can’t buy it.

If I need to take the kids out then I use the blokes’ car. No more sticky fingers to clean off the seats and he gets the petrol.

I can park almost anywhere too – no parking charges for me. I have a space right next to the door in the works car park – right next to all the bosses’ Mercedes and BMWs.

Yes I think having only a bike is a good plan – for the summer at least.

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