I’m back!

by Vincenzo Mauriello

OK, so I’ve been away for a while, taking an unintentional hiatus from my blogs partly due to technology, a new job and finding the time to sit down and write freely.

The MotoGP season has just finished and what a season we had. 9 different winners, significant improvements from the newer manufacturers and a relatively squabble free season (unlike 2015). So, now what am I going to do with my Sundays?

Well, Motorcycle Live is just around the corner – I can’t wait! All the new bikes to see and Mrs M has decided she wants some new gear so there will definitely be some shopping going on. The only thing that bugs me about the bike show is the time of year; dark, wet, cold and bloody dangerous (actually, some bugger cut me up on the motorway the other night with Mrs M on the back, so I made sure I was well positioned and vigilant but the b*stard didn’t even look!) The point being I’d love to go to the show on the bike one year but with the weather being so shit and all the lights turned off on the motorways it’s dangerous, not so much of an issue riding solo but more so with a pillion. Plus when you want to buy stuff too it’s a bit restrictive unless you’re throwing all your old gear away there and then. Panniers only hold so much and we usually do a night away for it so we’d have less room.

Other than that it’s trying to get out on the bike as much as I can to keep all the bits moving and stop me from going too rusty over winter. Mostly at the minute it’s commuting to the station, heated grips work wonders 5am. It’s a good 15 mile trip so I get a decent ride.

Over the next few weeks I’m finally going to finish my Mugello blog from this year’s visit and hopefully it might be an inspiring read for some of you who might be thinking of going. It’s well worth the trip.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.


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