Idiot Bikers of the Pedal Variety!

by wizz69

Hey All

It’s been a while since I posted anything, it is a combination of life being busy and time appearing to run faster. I hope everyone in the UK enjoyed the Great British weather we have had. With Autumn Here and Winter looming, the dark nights and wet roads are going to be upon us.

I want to discuss cyclists!

I have nothing against them, as I do road ride myself, it is the minority I have an issue with that think they have NO rules to follow on the road, and that they can do whatever they please at junctions.

Yesterday morning, I was on my usual commute through London to work at around “Silly o’ clock” in the morning. The sky was dark and the rain had fallen through the night. Fortunately, it had stopped for my commute but the roads were freshly washed with the fallen liquid. I was approaching a set of lights which entered a roundabout, they were green, so I dropped a little speed (not too much) I was very much alone on the road, bar a couple of other bikers, taxis and delivery vehicles. I was doing about 25 mph, and as I went through the lights an entered the roundabout, a cyclist came hammering it across the “Middle” of the roundabout to exit onto the road straight in front of me!

I did have a couple of seconds, but I didn’t expect a cyclist to coming “over” a roundabout into my path… so I reacted in the usual way, backfront brake on. The thing is, it was wet and I have no ABS. You can image what happened. My rear wheel locked and fishtailed and my front start to slip, the cyclist was just stopped static in the road watching me come at him.

3 things entered my mind

1) Release the brakes, get some grip
2) This is going to hurt me
3) This is going to hurt him.

It was too close to gain any gripcontrol, so had to keep course, but I think someone was smiling over me, because the bike caught traction, stopped upright an inch from the cyclist.

Well, other than thanking my lucky stars, I think there were a number of words that came out of my mouth towards the cyclist, which I think we all have heard before!

The cyclist did no more, than show a cocky grin, and rolled on his way, no sorry, nothing…. Just a cocky grin and then sauntered off across the road again driving though a red light.

There is a point to this story, and it occurred to me afterwards. What if… I didn’t stop and hit the cyclist and bike went over and was damaged etc. who would have been responsible for the insurance?

That’s right Me!!! Because cyclists do no have insurance, so I’d have to claim on mine for repairs and any other damages. I would have the excess outlay, the NCB downgraded, the effort of getting repairs done, talking to insurance brokers as well as any injury’s to deal with.

And why? Because of an idiot cyclist. I really do think that in today’s times, cyclists should have minimal insurance to ride on the roads, and that harsher penalties should be given to cyclists ignoring the rules of the road.

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  • Richy

    Riding at speed across zebra crossings is what I experienced the other day, again just like this story, he just grinned and road off.