Hot Ladies motorcycle gear

by Amanda

Here I am, a young(ish) lady who loves riding my Honda Hornet, but as a woman I also love to look good and feel sexy.

Why, oh why all(online) shops that I come across might have some nice, good fitted clothes for men that bring out their best features, broaden their shoulders and make them look almost like superheroes, but when it comes to women’s section, it all mostly looks like from a very bad 70’s biker magazine, or like I’m about to go down a big mountain on my pair of skis. Sometimes I feel I almost have to prove to someone that I am the actual rider of the bike and say – Hey, I wanna look good too, please make me some nice clothes….

As an example, there is only one pair of Ladies motorbike boots that I have found in all my searches that actually say – lady. I’m sure that most women riders might know which boots I’m talking about.

Am I really looking in all the wrong places and missing out on some amazingly good gear? If I’m wrong, please tell me where to find my super amazing, womanly, fitted, sexy motorcycle jackets, trousers, suits etc., so that I can get even more heads turned when I wiz by on my yellow Hornet…

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