Harley Davidson Trail Bike Honouring Fallen Troops of Afganistan

by Keep Britain Biking

Charity Riders unite to help Afghan Heroes Charity

Bike enthusiasts Paul Ferguson and Martin Turner have created a tribute to the brave soldiers who have lost their lives over ten long years of conflict in the Middle East, using a Harley Davidson MT530 which was previously fielded by British Forces stationed in Afghanistan.

Acting as a moving memorial, bearing the names of every fallen serviceman and woman, their age and the date on which they died, the Harley Davidson MT530 bike has been named the Corporal Lee Scott after a solider who was killed in an explosion on the 10th July 2009 whilst serving with the Royal Tank Regiment in Afghanistan.

The bike was created to help raise awareness of the charity Afghan Heroes. This organisation offers support not only to front line troops but also the soldiers facing difficulties here at home. Events and support for the families who have lost loved ones are a huge comfort to hundreds across the UK. Their work has successfully raised over £1 million in this great cause.

The creation of the Harley Trail bike has also highlighted the charity’s close ties with the biking community, through the launch of the Afghan Heroes Charity Riders.

The Charity Riders were created as a result of the huge support bikers across the country have provided to the Afghan Heroes cause. As a national organisation, it aims to create smaller regional groups which promote local events, bike runs, and generally bring together bikers to create awareness of the charity and continue their great work.

Biking groups across the UK are invited to come together at the annual Thunder Rally on 18th-20th June 2012. Check out http://www.afghanheroes.org.uk/content.asp?c=94 for details of your local group and how you can get involved!

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