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by Keep Britain Biking

Two great artists; two very different motorcycles

Here at Keep Britain Biking we’re always intrigued to see the level of creativity displayed by artists around the world when their attention turns to biking.

Some of you might have seen our recent Twitter link to the amazing work of Roongrojna Sanwongprisan, a Bangkok artist who created a fully rideable motorcycle sculpture entirely from scrap metal

The sculpture was designed to resemble H.R Geiger’s terrifying alien from the classic ‘Alien’ film sequence – monstrous!

Roongrojna often utilises the discarded remnants of ruined bikes and cars in his works, selling his creations through his four Thailand based shops, as well as exporting his work all over the world.

Closer to home, the Turner prize winning artist Grayson Perry’s latest exhibition, The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen, opened at the British Museum on 6th October.

The exhibition includes a fully customised bike, created with specialists Battistinis, for a special pilgrimage which saw Perry enshrining his prized childhood bear, ‘Alan Measles’, within a motorcycle and travelling across Germany. Perry’s pilgrimage paid homage to the fairytales he adored as a child as well as the war-time villains he created to stand-in for bad childhood experiences.

The exhibition, which runs until 9th February, was designed to make visitors think twice about the way objects and personal histories interact

So, two artists, two motorcycles, two very different pieces of art!

We’d love to see any unusual creations you might have come across on your travels – why not upload any unusual snaps to our gallery?


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