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Today I discovered dear Cardiff Bus had put the price of a return ticket up from £3.20 to £3.40. I seem to remember once in my past life that the idea of busses was that they were cheaper than any other form of fuel using transport.

What?! £3.40 – a day – for one return trip of about 5 miles (2.5 each way).


Ok so you can go anywhere on a Cardiff Bus all day, should you want to, for £3.40. However, if you just want to nip 2.5 miles to town and back home, you will have to fork out £3.40. If I want to fill my bike with fuel it will cost me about a tenner. For this tenner I will go about 100 miles in city traffic.

Ok so if it is cold and raining I will get cold and wet. However, when I take the bike I do not have to spend up to half an hour waiting for a bus. I will not have to spend this half an hour listening to other passengers whining and whinging about how long they have waited for the bus. I will not have to sit next to someone with gut wrenching BO. I will not have to suffer getting sneezed and coughed on by allsorts. I can leave for both inward and outward journey EXACTLY when I like. I know when I will get home because I will not get stuck in traffic. I do not have to stop every 50 metres for people to get on and off.

And it costs me LOADS less in petrol. As there is free parking in Cardiff for bikes I can’t lose.

Er – unless I have some shopping to carry – and as I am a girl…..

Which is exactly why I was on the bus in the first place.

BQ x

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