Bike Parking Issues.

by Bikerchiq
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Bike Parking

My office is now closed and I am officially unemployed after 11 years – due to redundancy. Heck this will take some getting used to. I was filling in an online insurance quote today – I went to put in my job description and then remembered I am unemployed. Then I went to ASDA and automatically headed for the salad section with the intention of getting a salad to eat for my lunch at work – then I remembered – I am unemployed. Heck! Seriously – this is not right, I can’t be doing with this unemployed business.

However – it is not all bad because I have had a job offer – similar to what I had before. The new job is in an office about 5 minutes away from my old office, my provisional start date is in February. However, and I know I should not ‘look a gift horse in the chops’ as they say and yes I do realise I am fortunate, BUT – there is ‘no parking’ at the new place. Although this is not strictly true. There is a multi-storey car park at the back of the building with ‘allocated parking’. Now – as all bikers know – where bike parking is concerned, where there is a will there is a way. There is ALWAYS a space somewhere where you can squeeze a bike. My last office had a secure underground car park so my bike was safe and warm :)

Not wanting to appear pushy or a pain before I even start my new job I thought I would go suss out the new joint. I asked the security guard. He said he did not think there was parking however he thought I may be able to park a small moped round the back!!!!!! A SMALL MOPED!!! Well excuse me but Hector is NOT a small moped! I am somewhat used to this idea that being as how I am a girl then obviously I must be referring to a small moped when I mention a bike!! After all I am not a hefty type, I am not covered in tattoos. I scrub up (relatively) well and I do not have pink hair and facial piercings so obviously I cannot be a ‘real biker’. (Ahem). I did not correct the misinformed chap – he will no doubt realise the error of his pre-judgement when I turn up on my EN500. :)

When I took a sneaky peak around the back of the building I decided better of it. It is at the back of the Cardiff Central Railway station area. NOT a good idea! It was dark and dingy and dirty and not a place I would chose to go to in the dark. It appears it is paradise city for all the cities’ druggies, alcoholics and similar undesirables. Hmmm not sure I really want to park Hector there even if I could. Especially since I will likely be working some night shifts. Shame really as the bus is going to cost ¬£3.20 a day. That is probably what the bike cost me to work and back for a whole week before.

So good I have a job but bad I have to rely on a bus. I shall have to do more investigation, there are a few large, well lit public multi storey shopping car parks nearby with cameras so possibly an option there. I for one would be happier keeping the bike there. I shall have to do my research and chat to the NCP people – I have no idea how it works putting a bike in a car park. Also one of these car parks is on the 5th level on top of the St Davids 2 shopping centre. To get there you have to drive/ride up up up five storeys in one long spiral. Frankly even in the car I get dizzy doing this. I think it would be worse on the bike.

Anyone any ideas on whether bikes have to pay for these car parks or whether it would be a good or bad idea to try to use these car parks.

BQ x

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