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Keep Britain Biking’s sponsored biker cafes

You may or may not be aware that Keep Britain Biking sponsor a number of…


A week in the desert

Well, not literally a desert. More a kind of wasteland. This past week I’ve been…


BMW battery charger

Do any of you know if there is an adapter I can plug into the…


I only flipping won

…well hello biking community, just finding my way around the site, got a little lost…


What we’re looking forward to in 2015

Ah yes, Christmas is done and so is 2014. Now we find ourselves in the…


Who the hell is Dexter Scull?

Hello? Is anyone there? Is this thing on? Sorry, I haven’t done a blog before….


Our top 5 favourite biking things that happened in 2014

Another year is finally coming to a close and boy, hasn’t it been a blighter…


Real Bikers Recreate ‘Girl on Bike’ Photoshoot

The motorcycle industry is known for it’s scantily dressed women modelling the latest bike, but…

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