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New biking event for us Northerners! This is the link for what promises to be a fantastic biker meet! Get…


A proper biking dream

Actually, dreaming about bikes is one thing, dreaming about where to ride them is another….


The family secret

have to just say, while Number One Son rides bikes and will inherit mine and…


An Oasis

One thing I did find good about going into Central London last week: I passed…


First Time Riding in Holland.

Hi all. I’m going to Assen in April for the WSB weekend. I’ve been to…


Oooh Betty …I’ve had an accident !!

How many of you have seen an accident on the road and someone else has…


Going to the coast

It was a lovely sunny day, if a little chilly! But that wasn’t going to…


Late in Life Lady Biker part 5 cont….

Simon was still trying to turn round, I slowed down, and Simon told me the…

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